August 7th, 2020 | Beauty | Featured | Skincare

Fight Back Against Mascne!

Skincare is essential now more than ever before! When you wear your mask, you are exposing your skin to clouds of carbon dioxide which can lead to premature aging and breakouts. Join Mandi, our Dermalogica expert therapist as she explains her daily routine for at-home skincare!  

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January 19th, 2020 | Beauty | Business | Hair

The Ultimate Boss Lady: Mary Louise Riser

October 16th is National Boss’s Day in the United States. We want to honor those bosses throughout the country. We celebrate their fairness, dedication and hard work they put into their businesses every day. In today’s blog post, we are shining the spotlight on the ultimate boss, our very own Mary Louise Riser, owner of New York, New York Hair Salon and Day Spa.

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