Celebrating International Women’s Day!

We are so proud to be a female based business in Frederick and are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day the entire month of March! Our incredible owner + founder, Mary Louise Riser’s mission is simple: to help young girls succeed in their careers for years to come. New York, New York Hair Salon and Day Spa isn’t just a place where we just come to work. It’s where we connect, help each other, learn and grow. We are a family. Some of us are mothers, some are just starting out, some have been here for over 20 years, or some of us are exploring new opportunities within the industry. Whatever our circumstances are, we support + believe in one another. Cheers to the hard working + incredible women who make NY NY the BEST in Frederick! 

And thank you to our beautiful guests for supporting our small, local, female based business! When you choose NY NY, you are making all of our dreams come true! Cheers to YOU! 

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